Terratrike is an American manufacturer that offers recumbentA recumbent is a bicycle in which the cyclist pedals sitting. trikesA trike is a recumbent with 3 wheels. since 1996. Their trikesA trike is a recumbent with 3 wheels. have very simple geometry. More oriented for recreational use they offer an adjustable seat in angle but in position.

Terratrike offers tadpolesA tadpole is a trike with two wheels at front and one at rear. quite various: steel, aluminum and carbon including the economic Rover, and very accomplished Tandem Pro. In addition to this activity series, Terratrike offers a custom range where almost everything possible.

The frames have a lifetime warranty to the original owner.

3 characteristics: simplicity, price, recreational use

Models :

There are 3 Terratrike bikes on Recumbent-Cycle.

terratrike  Rover Tandem Terratrike Rover Tandem
terratrike  Tandem Pro Terratrike Tandem Pro

Website : www.terratrike.com

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