Raptobike is a young Dutch brand that produces recumbentA recumbent is a bicycle in which the cyclist pedals sitting. bikes since 2007. The original idea was to produce quality bicycles at low cost. This results in two simple but effective and aesthetic bicycles.

The two models in Raptobike have much in common 7005 aluminum frames, a guarantee of durability, CrMo steel forks and what is obvious before an indirect transmission. They remain light: 13kg with a mid-range equipment. The Low Racer is more performance oriented Mid Racer is oriented more for the long distance. They are both suitable for everyday use.

Raptobike bikes are guaranteed for a period of? year.

3 characteristics: simplicity, quality / price, look

Models :

There are 4 Raptobike bikes on Recumbent-Cycle.

raptobike Low Racer Raptobike Low Racer
raptobike Mid Racer 26 Raptobike Mid Racer 26
raptobike Mid Racer 700 Raptobike Mid Racer 700

Website : www.raptobike.nl

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