Nazca is a Dutch company that produces recumbentA recumbent is a bicycle in which the cyclist pedals sitting. bikes since 1998. Originally I.C.W. (Innovative Cycle Works) was supposed to produce any type of cycle, but the success of their BentsAbbreviation of recumbent. Means recumbents bike, trikes are often includes. push them to continue on this way.

Today it's nearly a dozen models in the catalog but each bike is built to order and custom made. The Nazca are rather oriented trekking, they all share the same materials for frame : the CrMo steel, robust and insensitive to fatigue. They are heavier than some of their concurents mode of aluminum but will be more comfortable and durable. Some of their models are still very efficient.

The frames are guaranteed for 5 years for the original purchaser.

3 characteristics: strength, comfort, personalization

Models :

There are 9 Nazca bikes on Recumbent-Cycle.

nazca Cruzer Nazca Cruzer
nazca Explorer Nazca Explorer
nazca Fiero XS Nazca Fiero XS
nazca Fuego L Nazca Fuego L
nazca Gaucho 26 Nazca Gaucho 26
nazca Gaucho 700 Nazca Gaucho 700
nazca Paseo Nazca Paseo
nazca Pionner Nazca Pionner

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