Hp Velotechnik

Since 1994, HP Velotechnik produce in Germany quality trikesA trike is a recumbent with 3 wheels. and recumbentsA recumbent is a bicycle in which the cyclist pedals sitting.. Models remain long time in their catalog and are regularly improved.

HPV puts innovation at the core of his approach, they propose in 2009 the first full suspenspended tricycle, Scorpion FS. A compact folding system is use for some of their trikesA trike is a recumbent with 3 wheels.. They offer standard transmissions Dual Drive without any front derailleur.

Their trikesA trike is a recumbent with 3 wheels. are moving towards more comfort than to pure performance. For example their suspension is the most comfortable but will tend to pump pedaling. Their build quality is exemplary.

Their bikes are also oriented comfort even if the performance is not to be outdone, a Speedmachine less extreme than many Low Racer will be capable of excellent performance over long distance.

Frames are guaranteed for 10 years.

3 characteristics: robustness, innovation, comfort

Models :

There are 3 Hp Velotechnik bikes on Recumbent-Cycle.

hpv Scorpion FX Hpv Scorpion FX
hpv Speedmachine Hpv Speedmachine

Website : www.hpvelotechnik.com

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