Australian family business, Greenspeed product trikesA trike is a recumbent with 3 wheels. since 1990. They began by producing in their backyard custom tricycles for each client.

They are now producing their tricycle in small series, they are simple and well constructed and offer for few years a folding system. There are tadpolesA tadpole is a trike with two wheels at front and one at rear. for trekking as well as « racers », the SLR, and even a tandem, the GTT.

Frames are guaranteed for 5 years for the original purchaser.

3 characteristics: semi-custom, simplicity, manageability

Models :

There are 3 Greenspeed bikes on Recumbent-Cycle.

greenspeed GT3 Greenspeed GT3
greenspeed  GTT Greenspeed GTT

Website :

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