A touring bike is a recumbent bike adapted to long distance and with capacity to go off the roads. We find a quite upright seat, a rear shock and often a suspended fork. Originally made of steel they use more and more aluminum.

There is 11 bikes of this type on Recumbent-Cycle.

azub Azub 5 Azub 5
hase Pino Allround Hase Pino Allround
nazca Cruzer Nazca Cruzer
nazca Explorer Nazca Explorer
nazca Gaucho 26 Nazca Gaucho 26
nazca Paseo Nazca Paseo
nazca Pionner Nazca Pionner
optima  Condor Optima Condor
optima  Dragon Optima Dragon
optima  Falcon 20 Optima Falcon 20
optima  Falcon 26 Optima Falcon 26

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