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The HyperSport is the high-end of Windcheetah range, the frame is in made of carbon fiber and the weight is eloquent, less than 13kg fully equipped. Component side we find the top of the range Shimano XTR and Dura Ace, titanium sprocket, many carbon parts...

Like other tadpolesA tadpole is a trike with two wheels at front and one at rear. from home Windcheetah it is custom made and if the components are not yet up to what you expect it is customizable at will.

Main Features :

Technical data sheet created/updated 2012-04-30 /2012-05-10
Years of production : Still in production
Bike type : TadpoleA tadpole is a trike with two wheels at front and one at rear. (Trike)
=> See others Tadpole (Trike)
Wheels : 20x26
Steering : Indirect steering with joystick
Seat : Carbon fiber shellA shell seat, also called "European", is a molded and rigid seat.
Maximum loadThe maximum load is the maximum mass, excluding bike, of cycling, trailer anf luggage recommended by the manufacturer. : 127 kg280 lbs

Frame and geometry :

Frame materials : Carbon fiber and aluminium
Front shock : No suspension
Rear shock : No suspension
Announced weight without pedals : 12.70 kg28 lbs
Wheelbase : 1080 mm42.5 in
Track : 650 mm25.6 in
Length : 1900 mm74.8 in
Width : 820 mm32.3 in
Seat height : 250 mm9.8 in
Seat angle : custom
Bracket height : custom

Transportation :

Foldable : Not foldable

Equipement :

Component package : Standard /2011
GearGear is the distance covered for one revolution of the crank. Is equal to the diameter of the wheel x the number of teeth chainwheel / number of teeth of the sprocket. range : 2.15 - 9.67 m
Shifter : Bar-end Dura Ace
Front derailer : Shimano Dura Ace triple
Rear derailer : Shimano Dura Ace
Crankset : Shimano Dura Ace 53/39/30
Cassette : Shimano Dura Ace 11/28 9 speeds
Front brake : Sturmey archer (drum)
Front hub : Sturmey archer
Rear hub : Sturmey archer
Front rim : 20 inches (ERTRO 406) Sun SR18 x 406 eyeleted rims.
Rear rim : 26 inches 32 holes Sun CR 18 x 559
Tire : Continental Sport Contact
Price : 3850 €

Website : www.windcheetah.co.uk

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AVD Windcheetah HyperSport
AVD Windcheetah HyperSport
AVD Windcheetah HyperSport
AVD Windcheetah HyperSport

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