Azub 5

The Azub 5 is a suitable bike to travel. Its geometry was made for comfort with a slightly angled seat and crankset lower than the minimum height of the seat. It is part of the high end of Azub range with a realy stiff suspended rear fork and articulation on cartridge bearings. It is also equipped with the system IPS (Ideal Position System) to specifically and easily adjust the seat. The Azub 5 is positioned between Version 20/20 (Azub Mini) from a height of 1.50m, and 26 / 26 (Azub Max) accessible to tallest riders.

Main Features :

Technical data sheet created/updated 2012-05-08 /2012-05-12
Years of production : Still in production
Bike type : Touring
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Wheels : 20x26
Steering : Above or under seat steering (ASSAbove Seat Steering or USSUnder Seat Steering)
Seat : ShellA shell seat, also called "European", is a molded and rigid seat. adjustable (IPS)
Maximum loadThe maximum load is the maximum mass, excluding bike, of cycling, trailer anf luggage recommended by the manufacturer. : 125 kg275.6 lbs

Frame and geometry :

Frame materials : Aluminium
Front shock : Air/oil shock optionnal
Rear shock : DNM-DV22 (Spring shock + oil)
Announced weight without pedals : 16.30 kg35.9 lbs
Wheelbase : 1040 mm40.9 in
Length : 1700 mm66.9 in
Width : 650 mm25.6 in
Seat height : 570 mm22.4 in
Seat angle : 27 °/40 °
Bracket height : 610 mm24 in

Transportation :

Foldable : Not foldable

Equipement :

Component package : Alfine 11 /2012
GearGear is the distance covered for one revolution of the crank. Is equal to the diameter of the wheel x the number of teeth chainwheel / number of teeth of the sprocket. range : 1.82 - 7.43 m
Shifter : Shimano Alfine 11 twist shift
Front derailer : None because of Alfine rear hub
Rear derailer : Shimano Alfine 11
Crankset : Shimano Alfine (FC-S500) 39 teeth
Cassette : Shimano Alfine 11
Front brake : Tektro R725 (caliper)
Rear brake : Magura "Louise" (hydraulic disc)
Front hub : Novatec
Rear hub : SRAM Dual Drive 27 Premium
Front rim : 20 inches (ERTRO 406) Remerx Grand Hill
Rear rim : 26 inches (ERTRO 559) Remerx Grand Hill
Tire : Schwalbe Marathon racer
Price : 2750 €

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Azub Azub 5
Azub Azub 5

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