Gizmo AX

Extreme? The Gizmo AX is undoubtedly: very low and very inclined we really are lying to his handlebars, this is one of trikesA trike is a recumbent with 3 wheels. series the most aerodynamically optimized. It is also lightweight: 13 kg despite its steel frame, it is a performance.

Geometry is derived from Gizmo with a longer wheelbase and much more angle on a seat. It adopts 16-inch small wheels very aerodynamic but a little more toil on ground less smooth. I do not even speak off road because with 40 mm of ground clearance you have to watch where you put your wheels!

Main Features :

Technical data sheet created/updated 2012-04-30 /2012-05-12
Years of production : Still in production
Bike type : TadpoleA tadpole is a trike with two wheels at front and one at rear. (Trike)
=> See others Tadpole (Trike)
Wheels : 20x20
Steering : Direct connecting rods above the frame
Seat : Carbon fiber shellA shell seat, also called "European", is a molded and rigid seat.
Turning circle diameter : 4.50 m14.8 ft

Frame and geometry :

Frame materials : Cr Moly steel 4130
Front shock : No suspension
Rear shock : No suspension
Announced weight without pedals : 12.70 kg28 lbs
Wheelbase : 1050 mm41.3 in
Track : 650 mm25.6 in
Length : 1900 mm74.8 in
Width : 740 mm29.1 in
Seat height : 100 mm3.9 in
Seat angle : 19 °
Bracket height : 340 mm13.4 in
Ground clearance : 40 mm1.6 in

Transportation :

Foldable : Not foldable
Width folded or disassembled : 650 mm25.6 in

Equipement :

Component package : Standard /2011
GearGear is the distance covered for one revolution of the crank. Is equal to the diameter of the wheel x the number of teeth chainwheel / number of teeth of the sprocket. range : 1.43 - 7.22 m
Shifter : Bar-end Dura Ace
Front derailer : Shimano 105 triple
Rear derailer : Shimano LX
Crankset : Shimano Tiagra Triple 52/42/30
Cassette : 11-32 9 speeds
Front brake : Shimano (mecanic disc)
Front brake lever : TriSled 'All-in-One'
Rear brake : None
Front rim : 20 inches (ERTRO 406) double wall
Rear rim : 20 inches (ERTRO 406) double wall
Tire : Schwalbe Kojak
Price : 3600 €

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Tri-Sled Gizmo AX
Tri-Sled Gizmo AX
Tri-Sled Gizmo AX
Tri-Sled Gizmo AX

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