Tadpole (Trike)

A Tadpole is a trike (recumbent tricycle) with two wheels at front and one at rear.

There is 22 bikes of this type on Recumbent-Cycle.

anthrotech Trike Anthrotech Trike
azub TRIcon Azub TRIcon
carbontrike Race Carbontrike Race
catrike 700 Catrike 700
catrike Expedition Catrike Expedition
catrike Pocket Catrike Pocket
catrike Road 1999-2011 Catrike Road 1999-2011
catrike Road 2012 Catrike Road 2012
catrike Speed Catrike Speed
challenge  Concept Trike Challenge Concept Trike
greenspeed GT3 Greenspeed GT3
hpv Scorpion FX Hpv Scorpion FX
ice Sprint RS Ice Sprint RS
ice Vortex Ice Vortex
kmx Tornado F3 Kmx Tornado F3
kmx Venom Kmx Venom
performer  Carbon trike Performer Carbon trike
performer JC20 700 Performer JC20 700
trisled Gizmo Trisled Gizmo
trisled Gizmo AX Trisled Gizmo AX
windcheetah ClubSport Windcheetah ClubSport
windcheetah HyperSport Windcheetah HyperSport

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