Sprint RS

The Sprint is the mid-range on ICE offer, there is no difference in quality between models but the Sprint is just between the quiet and trekking oriented Adventure and fast but only for road Vortex. Declination RS is the middle of Sprint, it is suspended at the rear.

This trikeA trike is a recumbent with 3 wheels. is very versatile and dynamic, it is able to go off road but it will not like extreme rough ground because its ground clearance is low. Its comfort is largely recognized and effectiveness worthy of the ICE trikeA trike is a recumbent with 3 wheels..

There is the same model but with better equipment: Sprint RS+.

Main Features :

Technical data sheet created/updated 2012-04-30 /2012-05-10
Years of production : Still in production
Bike type : TadpoleA tadpole is a trike with two wheels at front and one at rear. (Trike)
=> See others Tadpole (Trike)
Wheels : 20x20
Steering : Indirect steering above the frame
Seat : MeshA mesh seat, also called « U.S »., is a textile stretched over the seat frame. adjustable
Turning circle diameter : 5.50 m18 ft
Maximum loadThe maximum load is the maximum mass, excluding bike, of cycling, trailer anf luggage recommended by the manufacturer. : 125 kg275.6 lbs
Minimum/maximum rider height : 1.45 m/2.00 m4.8 ft/ 6.6 ft
Minimum/maximum rider Xseam : 0.89 m/1.27 m2.9 ft/ 4.2 ft

Frame and geometry :

Frame materials : Steel and aluminium
Front shock : No suspension
Rear shock : Rubber shock
Announced weight without pedals : 16.60 kg36.6 lbs
Wheelbase : 1060 mm41.7 in
Track : 750 mm29.5 in
Length : 1740 mm/1981 mm68.5 in/ 78 in
Width : 800 mm31.5 in
Seat height : 200 mm7.9 in
Seat angle : 37 °/44 °
Bracket height : 320 mm/395 mm12.6 in/ 15.6 in
Ground clearance : 82 mm3.2 in

Transportation :

Foldable : Without tools: the seat is removed, the frame folds on itself and the rear wheel is horizontal, the handle folds
Length folded or disassembled : 1041 mm41 in
Width folded or disassembled : 720 mm28.3 in
Height folded or disassembled : 355 mm14 in

Equipement :

Component package : RS /2011
GearGear is the distance covered for one revolution of the crank. Is equal to the diameter of the wheel x the number of teeth chainwheel / number of teeth of the sprocket. range : 1.24 - 8.14 m
Shifter : Sram X5 Twist grip
Front derailer : Sram X7
Rear derailer : Sram X7
Crankset : Truvativ Firex 48/36/26
Cassette : Capréo 9-32 9 speeds
Chain : KMC Z9200
Front brake : Avid BB7 (disc 160mm)
Front brake lever : Tektro (4 finger)
Rear brake : Avid Single digit 3 (V Brake)
Front hub : Custom ICE
Rear hub : Shimano Capreo
Front rim : 20 inches (ERTRO 406) single wall
Rear rim : 20 inches (ERTRO 406) single wall
Tire : Schwalbe Marathon racer
Price : 2996 €

Website :

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ICE Sprint RS
ICE Sprint RS
ICE Sprint RS
ICE Sprint RS
ICE Sprint RS
ICE Sprint RS
ICE Sprint RS

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